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August 31 2015

Should Your Association Be Using This New Tool For Fundraising?

By Mary Reynolds Kane

Whether your non-profit association is comprised of doctors, scientists, teachers or any other professional field, it needs financial support to continue working toward its mission. From funding groundbreaking research to offering scholarship money for students to repairing broken parts of the world, the non-profit sector is built to make a difference. Now, the world’s largest social media engine is offering a new tool to help make the dollar amounts behind that difference even larger.

Last week, Facebook launched a new “Donate Now” button that all non-profit organizations can easily place on the top of their Facebook pages. It’s a simple addition, but it can help raise awareness about a non-profit’s need for contributions that will help support their respective causes. The button sits in the right-hand corner of the page’s profile picture and assures that anyone who visits the page will recognize that the organization needs their support.

It’s no secret that fundraising can face plenty of challenges. While traditional efforts like email messages and telemarketing campaigns can produce results, Facebook’s new tool may be able to help spur a year-round focus on fundraising. Think about it: many online users are already considering pulling out their credit cards to buy products or services while on Facebook. This way, you may be able to capture their attention in a moment that reminds them of the importance of giving something for the greater good. The best part of the tool? It takes users to the non-profit’s website rather than keeping them inside Facebook (Facebook, like any site, prefers to keep their users active and clicking within the confines of social media whenever possible).

So what does that mean for your fundraising efforts? If you already have a strong community of members on Facebook, consider building a specific new landing page on your website that greets anyone who clicks the “Donate Now” button. Use the opportunity to direct your online community to a web page with a compelling story about your organization’s goals. What problems are you hoping to help solve? How will even a small donation go a long way in helping uncover a new solution? What lives have you already changed with your fundraising efforts? If possible, include some strong video testimonials from student members who have been able to use scholarship awards to pursue their dreams.

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