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Professional Convention Management Association

August 26 2015

August 2015 President's Message

Janeé Pelletier, M.B.A., CMP

What's in it for Me? 

We are all so busy that “WIIFM?” is the question we ask when evaluating a commitment of any type, and rightfully so: time is precious and we are all stretched thin. Be it for work or in our personal lives, the personal gain must be clearly evident or our valuable time is better spent elsewhere.

When considering volunteering for PCMA, there are LOTS of things in it for you! For starters, PCMA service is an excellent way to meet new people. The people in our chapter are lots of fun and outstanding business connections – you never know who will become a customer or even your next best friend! PCMA service builds your professional reputation, hones your leadership skills, and provides you with an outlet to give back to our industry. If that wasn’t enough, becoming a PCMA volunteer also builds your resume, developing leadership skills and connections that just might help you land your next job.

So what are you waiting for? In the coming weeks, the PCMA Chesapeake Chapter will be announcing a Call for Board Nominations for the 2016 year. If you feel that you have something to give, I urge you to consider applying for board service. Our chapter thrives on the energy and passion of our volunteers, and we have several open board positions for next year.

We are looking for creativity, commitment, and fresh ideas to guide our chapter into the future. If that sounds like you, don’t keep it to yourself – apply for the PCMA Chesapeake Chapter board!