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August 19 2015

Tips for Coordinating Programs Outside of the U.S.

David Gabri, CEO of Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI) www.alhi.com

Planning an international event can be an exciting challenge and it also might be quite daunting.

Here are some helpful tips for planning programs outside of the U.S., courtesy of Leslie Zeck, CMP, who is responsible for planning annual conventions and regional conferences around the world:

  • Provide as much detail in your RFP as possible, including using photos to define what you envision

  • Spell out dates rather than using numerals, to avoid date-format confusion (i.e., 4/12/15 is different from 12/4/15)
  • Do not use abbreviations or acronyms in communication and contracts
  • Every Customs Patrol is different. Understand the rules for getting materials through to YOUR destination
  • ALWAYS hire a reputable customs broker


  • Be in the know on the political and economic climate, and the culture and customs of the destination.


  • Know the Visa, immunization, and inoculation requirements


  • Work with a resource to understand VAT (Value Added Tax) for your destination.

Take advantage of these tips, and turn planning your global programs into an exciting, rewarding, and successful experience.  

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