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August 18 2015

Sponsor Spotlight: Bilingual Resources Group

Kathy Sullivan

Since its inception in 2006, Bilingual Resources Group’s main purpose has been to specialize in conference interpretation (also known as simultaneous translation). Unlike companies that offer a range of interpretation and translation services, BRG has concentrated on conference interpretation, resulting in clients having access to an unparalleled resource. BRG President, Sandra Olmedo, is an interpreter herself and thus has the experience and expertise required to offer a high level of service.

BRG has worked with a top-class portfolio of clients who demand nothing less than excellence. BRG provides a customized strategy for every event, rather than the commonly offered generic approach to interpretation. This is only possible because of their professional specialization.

Bilingual Resources Group supplies teams of interpreters and equipment rental, in all the major world languages, and works at any size event, from small business meetings to international conventions. Their interpreters are recruited exclusively on the basis of quality, competency and their professional qualifications.

BRG supplies professional simultaneous translators for conferences in the major world languages for all types of bilingual and multilingual events:
  • Major international conferences which typically require multiple languages, with interpreters sourced from many different cities
  • Management seminars, shareholders' meetings, where specialized knowledge is required
  • Webcasts and voice-overs, which require the provision of specialized technical equipment
  • Translation services for your conference documentation
  • ASL sign language interpretation

BRG utilizes state-of-the-art wireless interpretation systems to broadcast language interpretation wherever interpretation services are needed and they have a wide array of solutions for any size event. They also specialize in providing the right equipment, from the smallest applications to the most complex requirements, complete with a technical support team.

In addition, Bilingual Resources Group can work with you during your meeting's planning stages to translate all written and audiovisual materials, such as handouts, manuals, videos, presentations, etc.

They can also record your meetings, both in the original language and any languages that are interpreted, and provide you with a sound recording, as well as a hard copy and electronic transcript of the proceedings.

Please contact Bilingual Resources Group at (504) 253-0364, or bilingualresourcesgroup.com.