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August 03 2015

This Tool Reveals Everything About Your Personality Based On Your Emails

By David McMillin

Ever wonder how your work emails are really received? Or how that recent Facebook status update makes your friends feel? There is so much that can get lost in digital communication. Without body language, it’s easy to make interpretation mistakes that leave can recipients feeling like you’re dismissive, frustrated or clueless.

Rather than asking your colleagues and clients for a subjective assessment on your writing, the masterminds behind supercomputer IBM Watson have revealed the IBM Watson Personality Insights service. Here’s how it works:

1)    Copy and paste a minimum of 100 words from a recent email, Tweet, blog or any piece of writing you’ve completed.

2)    Hit Analyze.

3)    Get the full scoop on your personality from, well, not a person.

How correct is it? It offered some very different perspectives on my writing. Here’s the first personality assessment based on a formal email I sent about travel arrangements.

Not a bad take on me, right? I’m “analytical, heartfelt and confident.” My mother will be so proud.

However, an email to a friend from college about going to a football game revealed a different side of me.

“Dependent, somewhat shortsighted and can be perceived as compulsive”? I didn’t want to be friends with IBM Watson anyway.

Ok, so maybe it’s not perfect, but it can prove to be helpful when writing potentially tricky notes. Worried about offending someone when turning down a business opportunity? Concerned that your rebuttal in the negotiation process could sound too aggressive? Perhaps this tool can offer a perspective to help you craft more appropriate and friendly language. There’s one big challenge you’ll most likely encounter, though. Most of your emails are less than 100 words. IBM Watson couldn’t extract much valuable information from my “Let’s meet Friday at 4 - see you then” emails.

Would you rather have some human help with your writing? Check out “4 Tips For Better Business Emails.”

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