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July 14 2015

Will This New Technology Transform Your Sponsorship Packages?

By David McMillin

At last month’s PCMA Education Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Paula Cozzi Goedert, Partner at Barnes & Thornburg LLP and PCMA’s chief legal counsel, helped answer some pressing questions regarding live streaming apps such as Periscope and Meerkat. From navigating intellectual property concerns to honoring speaker contracts, the world of live streaming raises plenty of concerns for the content on-stage and on-screen in session rooms.

However, the challenges that surround live streaming may also pave the way to a new era of possibilities. It all begins with an unlikely source: an ice cream bar.

Last month, Nestlé used the Summer Solstice as an opportunity to raise the profile of its Drumstick ice cream brand. The campaign relied on more than Facebook posts and promoted Tweets, though. In a first-of-its-kind move with Periscope, Nestlé worked with ad agency Smith Brothers and social influencer platform Izea, hiring notable Periscope personalities to broadcast summertime-themed content around — you guessed it — the deliciousness of a Drumstick. While Periscope does not offer ads yet, the campaign worked around the potential hurdle to create a full day of programming that caught some strong online momentum.

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Seeing New Revenue Potential Through Periscope

So what in the world do Periscope broadcasts about enjoying ice cream in the summer have to do with your meeting? It’s time to alert your sponsorship department.

Many meetings may feel they’ve exhausted all their sponsorship opportunities, but Periscope may be the next generation of innovative brand-building activity. Rather than pay to display on-site signage or ask for a chance to address attendees before a general session, forward-thinking companies will be searching for new organic ways to reach an audience. There are many ways to apply the Nestlé model to the world of meetings and events. For example, an exhibitor is looking to launch a brand new product at a trade show, but the launch may feel more authentic in the form of live streamed videos of the product in action. Consider the host destination, too. To help educate attendees about opportunities to see and experience more during the conference, an organization could offer a sponsorship package that includes Periscope videos of some of the top activities in the area.

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However, simply using Periscope will not be enough to make this kind of new sponsorship offering successful. A campaign like this relies on identifying (and compensating) the most influential voices on a particular platform. These are the speakers, the attendees and the organizational leaders who are active on social media and who regularly attract viewers. Nestlé did a good job of hand-picking their influencers for the campaign; their broadcast generated 1,500 views and more than 64,000 hearts in just over 12 hours.

How do you think Periscope or Meerkat might be able to jumpstart your sponsorship revenue? Is your team working on any innovative approaches to leverage live streaming possibilities? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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