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July 02 2015

5 TED Talks To Inspire Every Meeting Professional

By David McMillin

TED. These three letters are synonymous with inspiration. From biologists to rappers to authors and more, the voices who speak from the TED stage deliver game-changing ideas and insights. If you’re looking for a daily jolt of motivation, here are five TED Talks that will awaken a new level of creativity and courage.

1) Sheryl Sandberg — Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

“We have a problem, and the problem is this: women are not making it to the top of any profession anywhere in the world,” the Facebook COO told the audience.

Let’s face it: the meetings industry is no exception to Sandberg’s claim. While many women ascend to roles as Directors, that title should not mark the top of the ladder. Women in the meetings industry deserve to climb even higher, and Sandberg’s speech offers some strong advice on how to reach new leadership levels and find a seat in the C-suite conversation.

2) Julian Treasure — 5 Ways To Listen Better

each day in meetings, making phone calls and communicating with colleagues and clients around the globe. However, are we actually listening to what they have to say? Do we know their concerns and their ideas? Julian Treasure doesn’t think so. In less than eight minutes, Treasure offers some helpful recommendations on how you can be a better listener in your personal and professional life.

3) Scott Dinsmore — How To Find And Do Work You Love

Work can be a real drag. In fact, more than 80 percent of adults hate the work they do on a daily basis. If you fall into that category, it’s time to figure out how to adjust your approach to life. Dinsmore’s research reveals some helpful tips for creating a career path that will make you smile.

4) Arianna Huffington — How To Succeed? Get More Sleep

Inspiration isn’t just about finding the fuel to help you stay awake until 3 AM updating your meeting checklist only to jump out of bed again at 6:30. It’s about to educating yourself on the value of slowing down and yes, sleeping. Stop taking pride in running yourself ragged, and start making time to get a scientifically-recommended amount of rest.

5) Dan Pallotta — The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong

If you were at Convening Leaders 2015 in Chicago, you may have heard Pallotta’s thoughts on why it’s time to reevaluate the financial limits that society places on non-profit organizations. For associations and foundations, Pallotta’s perspective is an essential ingredient for reaching new levels of success.

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