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June 29 2015

You Won’t Believe What These Employees Were Doing While They Were At Work

By David McMillin

Plenty of professionals are guilty of sneaking in some personal activities during the workday, but a recent survey from CareerBuilder reveals that some employees have a broad definition of what’s permissible in a business environment. With responses from more than 2,100 hiring and human resource managers, the findings show that a select number of bosses have caught their employees in the midst of some very strange behaviors.

1) Employee was taking a sponge bath in the bathroom sink.

Kudos to the employee for finding an alternative location to the break room sink. Now, that could have been awkward.

2) Employee was looking for a mail order bride.

Who needs to fuss with Tinder, match.com or any other online dating service? Not this guy. It turns out that money can buy you love. It can’t, however, bail you out of your boss’ anger for wasting valuable work hours to bid on a life partner.

3) Employee was drinking vodka while watching Netflix.

Taking a cue from The Most Interesting Man In The World, this employee lives by the adage “I don’t often drink at work, but when I do, I prefer to drink top shelf vodka while catching up on the latest season of House of Cards.

4) Employee was writing negative posts about the company on social media.

Hey, at least it was work-related.

5) Employee was playing a video game on their cell phone while sitting in a bathroom stall.

Ok, there’s another, perhaps more important, question here: how did the employer see this activity?

6) Employee was sleeping on the CEO’s couch.

I hope this sleeping beauty cited these statistics on the value of taking a quick snooze on the job. And I hope the CEO installed a nap room to avoid any more awkward encounters.

Employees aren’t the only weird ones in the workplace, though. Check out “10 Insane Boss Requests.”


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