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June 19 2015

5 Tips To Make You Conference or Event Healthier

Chris Trimmer, Executive Director World Obesity Federation

In order for your attendees to make healthy choices, there must be some healthy options. Create an environment at your next event that encourages a healthy lifestyle with these 5 tested tips.

  1. Provide free drinking water to all of your delegates and ensure that there is always a choice of low-calorie or non-calorie beverages, such as water/sparkling water, diet soft drinks or herbal teas.
  2. Include opportunities for hourly brief ‘comfort breaks’ for stretching, standing, etc.   Work with your Chairpeople to encourage delegates to move/stand/stretch during the meeting/in between presentations (where feasible, not too disruptive and in keeping with participants’ abilities). Where possible include different layouts within each session, enabling people to stand at the back of the room, or gather around standing tables at the sides of the room.
  3. If you are doing a buffet, have the salads and vegetables first in the line, work with the venue to ensure a healthy choice is available, provide dressings and sauces separately and provide small plates and serving utensils.
  4. Promote use of the stairs, shut down escalators and/or lifts between specific times (when other forms of access are available for disabled and aged guests) and promote the reason for doing this to your delegates.
  5. Incorporate a health aspect into the social programme of your event. For example, you could provide walking tours of the local area during lunch breaks and before and after the conference programme, or organise a fitness or relaxation session, yoga or led runs/jogs/walks for delegates.
For more information about healthy meetings and the new Healthy Venues accreditation ready to launch later this year, read this press release: Industry Promoted Healthy Venues at IMEX

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