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June 17 2015

Finally, A Wearable Technology That Can Change Your General Session Experience

By David McMillin

Some people are still waiting for the new Apple Watch to arrive in their mailboxes. Others may still be experimenting with wearing Google Glass. Some may be excited for the arrival of the new Oculus VR headset.

While everyone has been talking about these new tools, the wearable technology landscape seems built to deliver individual benefits. From helping track steps to sending customized alerts to transporting one person to another virtual world, the person wearing the tech is the one who can enjoy the perks. Now, though, Donny Neufuss, Director, Global Accounts, PRG Corporate & Tradeshow Services, believes a new generation of wearable tech can bring an extra dose of difference-making impact to the attendee experience.

It’s the LED-intelligent wristband. With RFID technology, the wristbands can capture an attendee’s location, connect with his or her social media accounts, track activity and more. With the right AV partner, the wristbands can also sync with music and turn an arena of passive attendees into active participants. For example, at the 2015 PCMA Education Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Neufuss showed a clip of how the New York Knicks partnered with one wearable manufacturer, Xylobands, to hand out wristbands and kick off the basketball team’s season in unforgettable fashion.

“This audience wasn’t just an audience,” Neufuss said. “They were part of the light show.”

However, this kind of creative work isn’t just confined to basketball franchises.

“This is the next level of engagement that we’ll be able to pull off in the meetings industry,” Neufuss added.

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Driving Success Outside The General Session

LED-intelligent wristbands can create a brilliant display of color in a big setting, but the technology seems ideal for more than just the general session environment, too. Imagine using the technology to distinguish buyers and suppliers at a networking event — one segments’ wristbands might light up red while the other segment displays a blue hue. Consider giving every recent graduate a green hue to showcase their entrance to the industry while highlighting that they are searching for career opportunities.

Neufuss also highlighted seeing the technology come to life during his recent attendance at the Experiential Marketing Summit in San Francisco. Each attendee was fitted with a wristband at the gala dinner. During the dinner, the organization announced they would be awarding a financial prize to the top tweeter from the audience. Because each user’s Twitter account was integrated into the wristband, the award announcement came in the form of a flashing bracelet instead of a standard verbal cue.

What do you think of the technology? Do you see any potential opportunities for LED-intelligent wristbands to fit into your attendee experience? Comment below on your thoughts on how the future of wearable technology might transform your own meeting.

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