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June 09 2015

May 2015 Program Recap

Charlene Lopez
Everything You Were Afraid to Admit You Didn’t Know About Internet for Meetings and More

Over 70 attendees joined us for our 2015 May Program, which was hosted at the Georgia World Congress Center.  Matthew Harvey, with PSAV, and Thomas Lloyd, with CCLD, presented the group with a terrific list of things you should request when you begin sourcing your meeting, what to ask before you conduct a site inspection, and some helpful hints on how to best negotiate the internet requirements for your meeting. The session was moderated by Mark Adams, Director of Sales at the Georgia World Congress Center. Matthew and Thomas explained why internet is free at Starbucks but can cost tens of thousands of dollars at a hotel or a convention center.  They gave an excellent overview of internet infrastructure and provided an Internet Worksheet that allows you to plan exactly what your internet requirements are, share with possible venues, and then get feedback on how they can provide those requirements and at what cost.  Dr. Carol Hollins of SACS Commission on Colleges said, “The topic was spot on relative to issues we are facing, and the speakers were excellent.”  

We are grateful to all our sponsors of the meeting including the Georgia World Congress Center, Map Dynamics and Visit Charlotte.