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June 08 2015

3 Convention Cities Where Attendee Travel Is Getting Cheaper

By Mary Reynolds Kane

Attendees have to cover quite a few expenses when they decide to participate in a convention. From the registration fees to the airfare to the hotel, many of them make big investments to take advantage of education and networking opportunities. However, the big costs before the meeting aren’t the only pieces they must consider. The price tag can continue to increase once they arrive — and once they’re ready to go home.

Attendees who aren’t enjoying the benefits of corporate cards and employee reimbursements are always looking to reduce the costs of traveling from the airport to the venue. Here’s a look at three cities where getting around is getting easier and cheaper.


When I took a cab from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to the city’s bustling downtown for PCMA’s 2014 Education Conference, I paid nearly $70 with tip to the driver. Now, whenever I return to the city, I can expect to pay less than half that expense and spend even less time in transit. The city’s new Union Pearson Express service opened on June 6. While it costs more than some urban rail systems ($25), it also comes with a big perk: free Wi-Fi in the station and on-board.


It turns out that everything is bigger in Texas — even the transit system. Dallas Area Rapid Transit, DART, is the country’s longest light rail system, but the line didn’t reach Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport for attendees in need of a less expensive option for getting around. However, the city worked to expand the DART Orange Line last year. Now, attendees can travel to and from downtown on a two-hour pass that costs just $2.50.


Taking a cab from Denver International Airport to downtown can add a big chunk to an attendee’s travel bill. However, starting in 2016, attendees will enjoy views of the Rocky Mountains in the distance without watching their taxi fares tick. Thanks to the Regional Transportation District’s new electric commuter rail line, attendees will soon be able to travel from DIA to Union Station downtown in just 35 minutes. One-way regional fares are $5.00.

One city has already been aiming to use its transit system to make attendees happier with free transit passes. Click here to learn more.

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