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May 27 2015

Get Set to Connect at Next C³ Confab

The Greater Midwest Chapter

It’s time to register for the next reinvented and renamed member mixer, C3 Confab, scheduled for Thursday, June 18 at Embassy Suites Chicago from 11:30am to 1:30pm. This Confab will be a twist on the progressive meal—a fun way to introduce non-members to PCMA and demonstrate how fun and valuable it is to Connect • Collaborate • Continue with GMC members.

The most important part of C3 Confabs is that you BRING NON-MEMBERS. R.O.I. is being measured by non-member attendance and conversion to membership. It’s up to us, GMC members, to make that happen.

Plus…there are PRIZES in it for those who bring non-members!

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Cindy Wendt, GMC Membership Committee Chair, shared the thought process behind the restructuring of the Member Mixers. “The goal of these events has always been to expose non-members to our chapter at no and/or minimal cost to them, so that they can experience first-hand all that we have to offer. It is a great way to engage non-members and show them the value of becoming a GMC PCMA member in terms of both their professional and personal growth. It can sometimes be difficult for someone who is brand-new to our industry or brand-new to PCMA to acclimate themselves into our chapter. So the Member Mixers were created several years ago as a way of introducing non/new members in an informal way to our chapter. This year we wanted to change it up a bit, keeping the social part of the old Member Mixers, but adding a little bit of structure to it so non/new members can more readily engage with others.

“In addition, the Membership Committee also provides a Mentorship Program for any new members upon request. That new member is then assigned a mentor/buddy to help with introductions at events, sharing helpful hints on how to get the most out of their membership and to be a point person for the new member with any questions they might have.” Cindy notes that “the quickest way for new members to acclimate themselves into our chapter is to take advantage of the mentorship program and to get involved by volunteering for a committee.”

C3 MixerThe first C3 Confab was held on April 21 at the Westwood Tavern in Schaumburg. Cindy described the first event this way:

“It was a great event with 40 attendees! The format was casual reception and conversation around industry topics. To facilitate the conversations, we had the room set with highboys and each table had a tent-card with a topic. (Most were industry-related and some were fun, current topics). The goal was to bring non/new members more easily into a conversation. We also wanted to create an informal learning opportunity that hopefully resulted in a few new takeaways for the attendee. Several student attendees reportedly made great connections for what will hopefully result in internships and mentoring opportunities for them.” Cindy promised that the next C3 Confab will be equally as engaging and fun and is again asking everyone to bring along a non-member so that they can catch the excitement of our chapter!