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May 27 2015

Ask the AV Professional

Derek Suminski, GMC Communications Committee
Looking at my AV invoice, I can’t make sense of what happened in the breakouts. It’s causing me bill-back problems. Is it the AV company? Is it me?

Have you considered utilizing a standard set in your breakout, concurrent, or technical sessions? A standard set can put your and your presenters’ minds at ease knowing that the necessary technology is ready to go, regardless of which room the meeting is in. It also allows the AV technicians to concentrate on making each presenter comfortable, whether it be displaying the images on the screen or doing sound checks, as opposed to adding another piece of equipment as the attendees are entering the room, wondering if there is a problem.

From a budgetary standpoint, a standard set also cuts back on any additional equipment rental fees that you did not account for. A last-minute request may still happen. That will be the exception, however, not the rule.

The following is an example of a common standard set: LCD or DLP Projector, Laptop Computer, PowerPoint Remote, Projection Screen, Podium Microphone, Audio Mixer (for Videos, PowerPoint, or audio from the laptop), and a Sound System or House Patch.

About the Author
Derek Suminski is the Vice President of Development for BAV, an award-winning, audio-visual rental, staging and production company. Derek has worked for and has traveled extensively with BAV for 19 years and serves on various PCMA and MPI committees. To contact Derek or to learn more about BAV please visit www.bavservices.com