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May 18 2015

3 Hilarious Things I Found In My Airbnb Search

By David McMillin

Hotels in New York City can come with a steep price tag. Before my trip to Manhattan last week, I decided it might be best to explore my options at the peer-to-peer rental service to see if I could find a cheaper rate than my three-night reservation at a major hotel brand. My search turned up some laughable results.

Now, don’t get me wrong — there are some very good properties listed on Airbnb. However, the hip lofts on the Lower East Side, the two-bedrooms next to Central Park and the penthouses in Williamsburg are all spoken for well into the future. In fact, some of the best properties I found were booked through December. So what exactly did I find on my search? Here’s a look at three of the most hilarious listings.

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1) You’re not just a guest. You’re a pet caretaker.

If you love cats, you’ll love some of the last-minute New York listings. Many of them came with two four-legged felines and a note that requested any guests help out with feeding them. While I pride myself on being a low-maintenance traveler, I didn’t explore these listings any further. I’m allergic to cats.

2)    Please don’t mind the mess.

I didn’t realize that “cleanliness” was an add-on perk in the hotel world. One of the listings I checked out was an art studio/apartment.

“Studio has some materials stashed out of the way in one corner, so there’s a price reduction,” the owner writes.

However, the deal doesn’t stop there. The owner also lists that there are two single mattresses that can be pushed together for a queen size bed.

3)    You can add cleaning expert to your résumé.

Ok, this one is hands down my favorite. This property isn’t just a place to stay. It’s also a place to clean.

“I have a fairly unique situation with my apt in NYC,” the owner writes. “I am the Superintendent of a small building. I have very simple duties to take care of on a daily basis that make it difficult to get away. I’m looking for someone that wold like to stay in my apartment that are able and willing to take care of these things in exchange for staying in my one-bedroom.”

Those duties include mopping the entryway, taking full garbage bags to the street and cleaning the sidewalk, and the price tag was still above $200 per night.

Of course, these are just the comical last-minute listings that are not designed to appeal to business travelers. While some properties might not seem like a good match for guests accustomed to earning rewards points and asking a concierge for assistance, it’s clear that Airbnb is gaining momentum. Check out this article to see how some meeting planners are tackling the issue of Airbnb as a potential room block disruptor.

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