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May 13 2015

Meeting Communication Challenges

Monika Anger, CMP, Vice Chair, GMC Education Committee
Mari Pat VargaThe June 2 GMC PMCA program at Swissotel Chicago will invigorate your problem solving in the real world. Get ready for the Communication Think Tank.

Are you experiencing communication challenges in your organization?
Are you finding it difficult to get everyone on the same page?
Do you think you've been clear but are baffled when you aren't getting the results you sought?

As meeting planners and event coordinators, your job has communication at the heart of all you do. Your goal is to get everyone aligned, coordinated and clear - and yet achieving that goal can be elusive. The Communication Think Tank will turn the light bulbs on and fire up awareness about what works and what doesn't when it comes to organizational communication. This experiential exercise will transform theory into practice!

You’ll discover how to

  1. Improve Organizational Communication
  2. Team Building
  3. Promote a more Collaborative Environment

Mari Pat Varga will help you communicate with greater confidence, clarity, and purpose to achieve your goals while engaging customers and colleagues. Reveal the obstacles and speed bumps that stand in the way of your success and discover how to increase your collaborative behavior for winning outcomes.

Join us and expect “A-ha” moments, robust dialogue, and concrete takeaways.

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Monika AngerAbout the Author
Monika Anger, CMP is Director, Association Sales at Choose Chicago. She is the Vice Chair of GMC’s Education Committee.