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May 12 2015

This Hotel’s Target Audience Is Sad And Stressed Women

By Corey Domek

While many hotel guests may prefer amenities such as free wi-fi, robes and in-room coffeemakers, one property is hoping to entice female travelers with luxury tissues, warm eye masks and sad movies. According to a story reported by Olivia B. Waxman at TIME, the Mitsui Garden Yotsuya Hotel’s “crying rooms” are specifically designed to help Japanese women destress. From Forrest Gump to The Notebook to What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, the selection of in-room movies includes plenty of tear-jerking cinema classics.

The offer may sound strange to Americans, but it’s not the first example of an unconventional approach to the guest experience in Japan. Earlier this year, I wrote about the Henn Na in Sasebo, Japan, which is aiming to eliminate a fairly standard element of hotels: human staff. The entire property is run by robots. Not into robots? Well, maybe you’re into monsters. The Hotel Gracery includes rooms with human-sized Godzilla statues and a massive Godzilla head on the property’s lower roof deck.

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Still, the Mitsui Garden Yotsuya is the most interesting to me. As most hotels reinvigorate their lobbies with renovation plans and work to create fun environments for their guests, this property wants to cash in on feeling terrible. However, the property expects sadness to be a benefit for a limited time. The promotion for crying rooms — 10,000 Japanese yen or $85 — only lasts through August 31. If you’re looking to get sad, you should do it on your summer vacation.

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