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May 04 2015

Why You Need To Start Paying Attention To The Font On Your Résumé

By Corey Domek

When it’s time to look for a new job, it’s easy to spend hours debating over which verbs to use to showcase your accomplishments and which bullet points represent the strongest responsibilities from the jobs. However, I recently stumbled on an article written by Natalie Kitroeff at Bloomberg Business that highlighted the importance of focusing on another important element: the font.

Sure, your default setting might be Cambria, Arial or one of the many options, but does that automatic selection do enough to impress a hiring manager? Brian Hoff, creative director of Brian Hoff Design, told Bloomberg that Times New Roman would turn him off.

“It’s telegraphing that you didn’t put any thought into the typeface that you selected,” Hoff said. “It’s like putting on sweatpants.”

Kitroeff asked two other typography wizards to weigh in with their thoughts on a range of typefaces, and the one winner that stood out from the crowd was the classic Helvetica.

While Helvetica comes standard in most programs, job candidates can decide to get extra classy with fonts. The extra class will come with extra cash, though. For example, Hoff championed Proxima Nova. One style of the font costs $29.99 at myfonts.com. Looking for even more options? The 144-member Proxima Nova family carries a price tag of $734.

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More Than Looks

Choosing the right font to list all your credentials and highlight your expertise may seem like a choice that will reveal your creative aesthetic. It appears that it can also indicate your level of trustworthiness. A 2012 study conducted by filmmaker Errol Morris analyzed whether font choices influenced whether a reader believes the statement is truthful. Indeed, some fonts look more like liars than others. After polling an estimated 45,000 readers on The New York Times website, Morris found that readers were more likely to believe that a statement was true when typed in Baskerville.

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Now, you don’t have to go reformat your entire résumé and comb through each font option in Microsoft Word. Just use all of this information as a reminder that the appearance of a résumé can be just as important as the achievements listed on the piece of paper.

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