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April 13 2015

4 Tools That Can Make Your Business Travel Better

By David McMillin

As a meeting professional, your days can often be measured in miles rather than minutes. From comparing hotels and convention centers to presenting at Board meetings to arriving on-site for the annual conference, you’re always on the go. Here are four tools to make your business travel more productive and less problematic.

Google Flights

It sounds relaxing to use your upcoming flight as a chance to completely disconnect, but you know the unfortunate reality: that probably won’t happen. From sending emails to updating spreadsheets to reviewing contracts, your travel time provides some distraction-free hours to check items off your to-do list. As you’re comparing flights, wouldn’t it be helpful to know which travel options offer Wi-Fi and in-seat power? Google Flights delivers the answers. In addition to finding the best times for your schedule and lowest prices for your expense account, the search results include whether you can log on to Wi-Fi and use in-seat power to charge your device. Oh, and we shouldn’t forget one other useful piece of information: the average amount of legroom.

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Of course, using the Wi-Fi on your upcoming flight relies on actually boarding the plane. With delays, cancellations and overbooking, sometimes that doesn’t happen. If you’ve ever been frustrated by the hassles of dealing with an airline to get compensation for your travel issues, you aren’t alone. However, you don’t have to do the work. AirHelp is a service that takes care of everything. Just send them the details of your flight, and AirHelp handles all the paperwork and chases the airline to get the proper payment you deserve. They take a small fee if the claim is successful, and it appears to be well worth the three minutes it takes to send your information. The average payment is more than $1,050.


Your company hasn’t hired a personal assistant for you yet? No problem. With TripIt, you can automatically organize your travel itineraries without constantly needing to ask someone for reminders. What time is my flight again? Where am I picking up the client? Am I staying in my usual favorite spot downtown or by the airport this time? All these questions are one screen away. Each time you receive a travel or dining confirmation email, simply forward the info to plans@tripit.com, and everything is arranged in a master itinerary.

Healthy Dining Finder

No matter how many steps you’ve taken according to your Fitbit, all that walking can go to waste if you don’t eat well while you’re on the road. However, making the right menu choices during business travel can be difficult. After a long day of meetings, who wants to do research and guesstimate how many calories might be in a dish at the steakhouse around the corner? Healthy Dining Finder is your nutritional label guide for restaurants. With calorie counts, fat, sodium, carbohydrate readings and more, the site makes eating well easier than ever.

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Traveling for business isn’t all about work, though. Click here for helpful tips on how to make your work trips pay off on a personal level, too.

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