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March 20 2015

A New Tool That Has Your Best Interest (and Job) In Mind

By Crystal Carrazco

When you log into Twitter, it’s quick to ask you “What’s happening?” and while it is tempting to tweet about your job or life, this new Chrome tool has a way to remind you that you don’t want to end up like this girl, who got fired over a tweet before she actually began her new job. No one wants to be that girl.

The Chrome tool, TweetFired: a reminder, is an extension to the Google Chrome browser that you can add here. Carnegie Mellon professor, Paolo Pedercini created the extension at the beginning of the month and is slowly building a following on Google Chrome.

Even if you don’t use this tool for your personal Google Chrome browser at home, it might be nice to add it to your work computer so you don’t end up making these Twitter mistakes that other companies have done, from celebrating Memorial Day for the wrong reasons to making insensitive jokes about a popular murder case.

Have you ever made any Twitter blunders?

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