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March 19 2015

3 Tools To Sharpen Your Time Management Skills

By David McMillin

Struggling to make the minutes in your day count? You’re not alone. As smartphone screens and email pings compete for our attention, time management has become a difficult art to master. The problem isn’t confined to entry-level and mid-level employees, either. A 2013 study conducted by global consulting firm McKinsey & Co. revealed that only 52 percent of C-level executives are spending their time in a way that matches their companies’ strategic priorities.

If you’re looking to be an award-winning time manager, look no further. These three tools will help you accomplish more in your professional life while leaving more time to enjoy your personal days.

1) RescueTime

It’s already 11:30 AM. Where did the first three hours of the day go? If the hustle and bustle of today’s digital world is leaving your brain scattered among 10 different screens, RescueTime will save you from the struggles. From setting alerts when you’ve reached a threshold of time on one activity to blocking distracting websites to tracking the amount of time you spend on email, this tool will put every minute of your day under the microscope so you can develop a more effective approach to tackling the work on your desk.

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2) MyLifeOrganized

Tired of combing through 10 sticky notes to make sure you’re checking off all the items on your to-do list? MyLifeOrganized automatically generates an outline of the tasks you need to complete, and it delivers location-based reminders once you’ve arrived at a certain destination. Need to deliver a copy of a revised contract to your hotel partner? Worried you’ll forget to remind the shuttle bus company about the time change? Whatever is on your mind, this tool will make sure the thought won’t get lost as you do the meeting professional dance of juggling seven million duties.

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3) Focus@Will

Is the latest Taylor Swift record blaring in your office headphones? While a dose of uptempo pop music may feel like it’s giving you energy to make it through your day, the reality is that your background music may be getting in the way of getting things done. Focus@Will replaces distracting music with “Attention Amplifying” music channels. Instead of a Pandora station designed to deliver music that matches your personal taste, Focus@Will stations are built to increase your attention span. It sounds like they’re paying off, too. The site claims that trials have shown listeners can become up to 400 percent more productive.

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  1. 1 Robert 04 Jul
    Hello, thanks for the article. I use daily a free time management app https://tmetric.com/  that provides time tracker, work session monitoring,integration with popular project management systems,  reporting tools etc. 

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