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March 02 2015

Top 5 Unbelievable Items People Actually Tried To Take On Planes

By David McMillin

The airport security line is a place meeting professionals know all too well. While you may be accustomed to the norms of what you can and can’t bring on-board, there are many passengers who are not as familiar with the rules. To document the amazingness of air travel, the Transportation Security has an Instagram account that highlights some of the items that officers have been forced to confiscate. From weapons to drugs to explosives, the TSA’s feed is full of can-you-believe-this material. Here’s a look at five of the most insane items that people have attempted to sneak through security.

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1) 92 pounds of marijuana 

No, that is not a typo. A passenger actually tried to sneak nearly 100 pounds of marijuana through security in his checked baggage. While any security officer may miss some small illegal items, it’s safe to say that massive bags of drugs are going to catch their attention.

“It’s pretty hard to not come across 92 pounds of marijuana as our checked baggage screening officers did in #Phoenix,” a comment with the image reads.

2) A grenade-shaped E-cigarette

I’m not sure what shocks me more about this discovery: the belief that TSA officers aren’t going to search a passenger with an obvious grenade shape or the fact that a company makes an electronic cigarette that looks like a small bomb.

3) C4 Explosive 

What’s worse than packing something that looks like it might blow up? Bringing something that actually can explode. This passenger tried to pack half an ounce of C4 in a tobacco can.

4) Brass knuckle cell phone case

Q: Oh, is that the new iPhone 8?

A: Sure is. If anyone tries to steal it, I’ll just take it out of this case and beat them with these brass knuckles.

Really? This passenger is so tough that he needs to flex his brass knuckles around his phone? My personal recommendation: tone it down, and opt for the “I’d Rather Be Watching CSI” case or the Ice Cream Sandwich case. Both are better fashion statements.

5) Cell phone stun gun

Unfortunately, this cell phone stun gun did not have a case. Perhaps this passenger needs to give brass knuckles a call to better protect this weapon.

Interested in seeing what else in these suitcases? Check out the full TSA Instagram feed here.

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