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February 19 2015

6 Surprising Things Your Team Members Would Rather Do Than Sit In A Status Meeting

By David McMillin

The status meeting. It’s the time when every team member shares what’s happening with the items on their to-do lists and the organization moves forward, right? Well, that may paint a rosier picture than the real status meeting.

According to a new survey from enterprise work collaboration software company Clarizen, many employees look at accepting status meeting invitations as kissing their valuable minutes in the office goodbye. In fact, 35 percent of status meeting attendees called those meetings “a waste of my time.” Sitting in the status meeting isn’t the only concern, either. Sixty percent of meeting attendees said that preparing for a status meeting actually takes longer than the meeting itself.

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So what would these employees rather be doing than participating in weekly updates? In a game of “would you rather?” status meetings lost to some pretty awful-sounding alternatives.

  • A trip to the DMV

    Remember the last time you renewed your license? Even with the long lines and unfriendly employees, 18 percent of respondents indicated they would rather go to the DMV than attend a status meeting.
  • Watch paint dry

    When faced with listening to fellow employees report on current tasks or watch a coating of paint dry, 17 percent chose the action-packed activity of seeing that paint stick.
  • Commute 4 hours to and from work

    While a lengthy commute can mean traffic and road rage, 12 percent would still rather spend extended time in their cars than in status meetings.
  • Endure a root canal

    How bad are these meetings? Eight percent would rather endure the pain of a root canal.
  • Get a mullet hairstyle

    To be fair, maybe these employees wanted the business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back style anyway. Either way, seven percent would rather go the barber for a mullet than go to the status meeting.
  • Move to Antarctica

    And finally, six percent of employees would choose living on the South Pole over offering an update on their current progress at work.

Status meetings aren’t the only hurdles standing the way of accomplishing more during your workday. Check out “These 10 Things Are Killing Your Productivity” to determine which distractions you need to eliminate.

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