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February 16 2015

7 Simple Ideas To Make Your Sponsors More Satisfied

By David McMillin

An annual meeting environment represents big opportunities for corporate sponsors to increase their brand awareness and attract new customers. However, these companies aren’t just looking for traditional recognition on meter boards and hanging banners. At Convening Leaders 2015, PCMA reevaluated the organization’s approach to spotlighting sponsors to utilize new and innovative approaches to give sponsors the attention they deserve.

Here are seven simple ideas that you can integrate at your next conference.

1.   Illuminated Table Charger


Choose Chicago in partnership with Event Creative

When the lights go out, sponsors still need to shine. At the evening reception, we utilized an illuminated table charger table to ensure that sponsors stayed top-of-mind for attendees.

2.   Illuminated Cube


Choose Chicago in partnership with Kehoe Designs

To build a brand, you need brand building blocks — literally. To capture attendee attention, we used varying levels, shapes and stacking techniques.


3.   Park Central

With jam-packed schedules, attendees can’t linger outside of sessions for long, so we converted the pavilion to a “park like” atmosphere with benches, greenery and bus stop-like signage stations. Whether attendees came to the park for one minute or one hour, sponsorship messaging was hard to miss.

4.   Plugged-in Promotional Opportunities

Totally Mod

From charging lockers to charging furniture in the Learning Lounge, every area of the environment represents an opportunity.

5.   Sand Sculptures

Sponsorships aren’t just about putting a name somewhere; they’re about aligning an idea with the brand’s unique qualities. We think it’s safe to say that one of the best qualities of Fort Lauderdale, the host city for the 2015 PCMA Education Conference, is its sandy beaches.

6.   Meeting Marquees

Choose Chicago in partnership with Event Creative

To give an extra note of appreciation to our major partners, each had their own lounge area with their name in lights in this 8x8 light bulb marquee wall at Tuesday’s reception.

7.   Cozy Credit

Choose Chicago in partnership with Kehoe Designs

What better way to feel closer to a sponsor than with a comfy throw pillow? As attendees struck up conversations with colleagues at receptions, sponsor names became synonymous with a feeling of relaxation.

Looking for more ways to make sponsorships pay off at your meeting? Check out “5 Tips To Strengthen Your Sponsorship Program.”

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