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January 26 2015

10 Interview Behaviors That Won’t Lead To A Job Offer

By Carolyn Clark

There are plenty of common questions to have after a job interview. Did you wear the right outfit? Was your handshake strong enough? Did you stumble over your words?

While those are normal concerns about personal presentation during a conversation about a potential career change, new research from CareerBuilder reveals that some job candidates should be much more concerned about their interview skills. In a survey of more than 2,100 hiring and HR managers, respondents offered some of the most memorable and unusual interview behaviors they’ve ever witnessed. Here’s a look at 10 insane but true interview mishaps — along with some personal commentary from yours truly.

1) Bringing about 50 ink pens to the interview and spreading them out on the table.

Who needs a computer? Or a tablet? Or a smartphone? When you’re carrying 50 writing utensils, you’re ready for every career curveball that might come your way.

2) Fidgeting and repositioning a duffel bag, which was holding a dog.

To be fair, people love puppies. Perhaps this applicant thought the four-legged friend might inspire a dog-friendly decision for a new job offer.

3) Introducing himself by name and then saying, “But you can call me Tigger! That is the nickname I gave myself.”

This would be good if the job description read, “Searching for an ambitious Winnie the Pooh-inspired character.” But I’m guessing it didn’t.

4) Using the term “off the boat” when asked about diversity.

Oh my, how far the country has not come.

5) Asking for permission to offer religious advice to the employees.

Don’t mind me. I’m just here to save the souls of these wretched sinners you call your colleagues.

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6) Asking if his wife, who worked at the company where he was interviewing, was cheating on him.

Well, this would have been really awkward if the interviewer had to answer in the affirmative.

7) Asking how much money everyone else makes.

If you can’t be direct, what can you be?

8) Giving the reason for leaving the last job as “kicking someone’s butt that really needed it.”

Fighting: it’s the leadership quality every company is looking for in its employees.

9) Sitting in a yoga pose during the interview.

Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just trying to center my energy. Namaste. Ok, now, I’m ready to answer your questions about my career experience.

10) Trying to Google the answer to a question.

If it’s not legal during trivia night at a bar, it’s probably not legal during a job interview.

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