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December 30 2014

The Most Shared Stories In The Meetings Industry This Year

By David McMillin

There’s always something happening in the meetings industry. Convention center developments, new hotel innovations, new job openings — the list is always growing. As 2014 winds down, here’s a look back at some of the most talked-about coverage that appeared on PCMA.org.

5 Key Trends That Will Impact Convention Centers In 2015

The old-school definition of a convention center no longer applies. As big facilities welcome some big changes, this article stirred up plenty of interest from meeting planners looking to stay ahead of the convention center curve.

How Being A Meeting Planner Ruins You For Other Parts Of Your Life

We like to have some fun with our stories, and it’s clear that meeting planners are looking for some laughter, too. This story was our most shared piece of 2014. Take a look and you’ll see why.

3 New Technologies That Will Make Meeting Planning More Efficient

Tired of juggling updated versions of Excel spreadsheets and hauling 5 devices everywhere you go? This year, we welcomed some new game-changing tools that will simplify the life of a meeting planner before, during and after the experience.

20 Predictions For Meetings In 2020

PCMA’s partnership with the Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Austin Convention Center has helped shine a spotlight on the most promising minds in the industry. This piece previews the end of the decade in the eyes of the brightest young planners and suppliers.

Signage Meeting Planners Wish They Could Put Up

Maybe it’s time to stop wishing and time to actually post these informative (and sarcastic) signs around the facility and at the buffet table.

10 Insane Boss Requests

Think your boss is crazy? We’re guessing your situation isn’t as bad as the employees in this survey — unless, of course, he or she has asked you to pluck a client’s unibrow.

3 Tips To Be A Better Negotiator

Whether you’re trying to negotiate a raise or a room block, your bargaining skills play a crucial role in your success in the meetings industry. Your peers paid close attention to this article in 2014.

What Badge Ribbons Should Actually Say

Here’s some help in assigning the correct adjectives to the attendees at your registration table.


Get Ready For A New Year

Now that you’re caught up on what everyone was talking about in 2014, it’s time to think about the key topics that will shape the conversation in the new year. Check out “3 Predictions For Hoteliers, Planners And Attendees In 2015.”



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