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Professional Convention Management Association

December 29 2014

Thank you from Operation Breakthrough

Priscilla Noland, Community Service Chair

Dear PCMA Members,

Your faithfulness to the children of Operation Breakthrough means more than we can express.  We are delighted and proud to receive the proceeds from your auction and golf tournament.  We can’t thank you enough for the time and care you put into raising the $4,400 you donated.  It is a huge help to have funds available for the pressing needs of the children, whatever they may be.  Heat for our building costs, hats and mittens have been important in the last few weeks as temperatures have dropped. 

In August, it was diapers, pacifiers and bottles for the 32 new infants we enrolled.  Now we are rounding up gifts and food to ensure that all our families have a happy holiday season.  On many days, the biggest need is for caring adults with special training to make our children feel safe and excited to learn. 

As you know, 100 of our children are homeless at any given time.  Many have witnessed violence or been abused themselves.  They carry many adult burdens—care for younger siblings, concerns about rent money and groceries, worry about the gunfire they hear in the street.  Our goal each day is to give them a chance to set those burdens down and become the children they are—laughing on the playground with friends, enjoying books and art projects, eating hearty meals.  Only then can they learn and strive toward their great potential.

Your partnership in this effort is greatly appreciated. Thank you for keeping these precious children in mind and heart and sharing what you have with them.”

Our best always,

Sister Berta Sailer, Co-Founder

Susan Stanton, CEO