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December 18 2014

4 Career Resolutions For Your New Year

By David McMillin

A new year brings new opportunities for you to grow as an employee, a manager, a leader and a member of the meetings industry. Here are four resolutions to help make 2015 a more successful year in and out of the office.

1) Get out and network.

Sending LinkedIn connection requests and taking a new head shot for your profile are both good moves for your online profile, but the most effective networking doesn’t happen behind a screen. As 2015 begins, make a focused effort to spend more in-person time with old colleagues and new business contacts. If you’re trying to explore new career options, set a goal to have at least one coffee or lunch date each week with someone who may be able to help turn the page to the next promising chapter in your professional story.

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2) Dust off your resumé.

If you’ve been working at the same organization for many years, updating your resumé may not be at the top of your mind. However, it’s important to consistently review and revise your list of professional credentials. Rather than wait until you’re forced to open that file buried in the “My Documents” folder, use the first of the year as a chance to think about what you’ve done, where you’ve been and how you hope to continue growing in 2015.

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3) Give your brain time to stretch.

From answering emails to planning site visits to monitoring how a room block is performing, it can be very challenging to include any creative thinking time in your day. While erasing items from a to-do list feels good, that list can leave little time for producing new and exciting ideas. Make 2015 the year you put your brain to work. Make this the year you decided to take some risks. Make this the year where a little bit of extra creative time paves the way to extraordinary results for your next meeting.

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4) Take an actual vacation.

In today’s always-on business environment, leaving work for an extended period of time can be tough. What if the rest of the team can’t handle your workload? Will your clients be able to deal with receiving your out-of-office message for a full week? Will your boss think you aren’t serious enough about your responsibilities? Forget all these questions. There is a reason you have paid vacation days. Don’t let them go to waste in 2015. As you start to think about your professional goals for the year, make sure to add a personal objective to the list: go somewhere fun and leave work behind.

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