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December 12 2014

You Won’t Believe These 10 Weird Office Holiday Gifts

By David McMillin

Before Santa travels down the chimney, plenty of coworkers are bringing an early dose of holiday cheer to the office.

Gifts can show just how much the giver appreciates his or her colleague, but a new survey from CareerBuilder shows that some gifts can feel more awkward than appreciative. The HR and recruiting company asked 3,100+ workers and 2,200+ hiring managers about some of the unusual holiday gifts they’ve ever received from a coworker. Here’s a look at the best responses.

1) A box of Hot Pockets

Was the box the pepperoni pizza flavor? If so, you can send those my way.

2) A chess piece — just one piece, not a full set

As long as the piece was the king, this is a complement. If it was a pawn, perhaps this is a profound statement on the coworker’s role in the company.

3) A fire extinguisher

Safety first. Always.

4) A voucher for a free lawn game of the coworker’s own invention

A Creative and affordable IOU.

5) A turquoise leather vest

Who’s ready for the employee holiday party now?!

6) Zombie action figures

Everyone needs some dead desk decorations.

7) A Ziploc bag with enough coffee to make one pot

Hey, at least this is practical.

8) A “Gun of the Day” calendar

I was unaware that there are 365 varieties of weapons that shoot bullets.

9) A bag of chips

Snack size or family size? The answer makes a difference in my assessment.

10) A Christmas ornament with the coworker’s and spouse’s photos on it

This employee is taking “the personal touch” to the next level.

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How Much Should You Spend On Your Coworkers?

I’m guessing our readers aren’t debating between a bag of Doritos and a Knife of the Week calendar, but many employees may have one question: how much should I spend on my coworkers? The CareerBuilder research shows that you do not need to go overboard. More than 75 percent of gift-giving employees plan to spend less than $25 on each coworker.

Want to give someone in your office a special treat that won’t make them question your sanity? Check out the PCMA Meeting Planner Gift Guide For The Holidays for suggestions.

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