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December 05 2014

Big Convention Center Gets Big Wi-Fi Upgrade

By David McMillin

In today’s always-on conference environment, uninterrupted Wi-Fi access seems equally as important as having enough food for attendees at lunch. This week, the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority announced plans to satisfy every attendee’s Internet appetite. The MCCA is beginning a $2.6 million wireless infrastructure overhaul at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. The project will increase the number of wireless access points by a whopping 413 percent. By the time the project is completed, the BCEC will have at least 580 access points, transitioning from a traditional coverage wireless system to a high-density system.

James E. Rooney, executive director of the MCCA, says the organization is focused on helping digitally-driven attendees stay connected while they’re on-site.

“Today’s meeting attendees come to conventions with at least two Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices and the expectation that they will receive reliable, fast wireless connectivity,” Rooney said in a statement. “Our goal is to operate the two most technologically advanced centers in the world, not according to us but in the judgment of our clients.”

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Always Upgrading

While the $2.6 million price tag marks a huge investment for the MCCA, the project comes as no surprise to the meetings industry. The MCCA has been a leader in the Wi-Fi conversation with four upgrades at the BCEC since 2004. This particular project will be ready for live-testing and phased implementation between May and September of 2015.

The MCCA has big plans for another piece of the city’s meeting infrastructure. In 2016, the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center will also receive a wireless upgrade.

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