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December 01 2014

Wait, This Hotel Room Does What?

By Corey Domek

When it comes to booking hotels, location matters. Whether you’re traveling for a conference, a business meeting or a family vacation, a hotel’s geographical coordinates can make all the difference in enjoying your trip. Now, Scandic, a Nordic hotel chain is taking the adage of “location, location, location” to a new level with the Scandic To Go room.

Rather than confining your choices to the chain’s 230 physical structures, Scandic To Go is a mobile hotel room. Guests can choose where they want to stay, and Scandic delivers 194 square feet of mobile luxury to the location.

“We see a strong trend that people are looking for different experiences, something that is unique and tailor made,” Johan Michelson, VP Brand & Marketing, Scandic, says. “With a modern, mobile and fully equipped hotel which can be booked anywhere a guest wishes, we hope to attract guests from abroad who want to experience the Nordic countries in a different way, as well as those looking for that little extra for a truly memorable experience.”

Scandic To Go guests can expect all the typical amenities of hotel rooms. The building doesn’t include a lobby bar, but fear not. The delivery includes a mini bar. While transporting and delivering a hotel room to a remote location sounds like an expensive endeavor, the price tag is only $337 USD per night.

To eliminate the need for additional research, here’s the answer to the next question on most prospective guests’ minds: yes, Wi-Fi is included.

The Future Of Hotels

While US brands have yet to debut a portable room, the pace of innovation in the hotel industry has been accelerating over the past year. From embracing keyless entry to arranging underground test labs to designing wellness-focused meeting rooms, hotels are dedicated to redefining the guest experience. As lobbies, guest rooms and meeting rooms evolve, so will pricing. Check out “What Hotel Rates Will Look Like In 2015.”

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