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December 01 2014

Unlocking the Power of Business Intelligence

By Anthony Miller, CMO, Lanyon

Are you using Business Intelligence to improve your events and better engage your attendees?

Business Intelligence is a term used to describe the large amounts of data organizations can access today. This intelligence can help you make strategic decisions about your entire meetings and event program.

To fully benefit, it’s key to have your intelligence consolidated in one place – an online system – so you can holistically view all meetings and events activity. Most meeting and conference management software automatically collects data on attendees, suppliers, and leads … and then centralizes access to it. 

PCMA’s Story

For PCMA events, attendee badges are scanned with Lanyon Smart Events™ Cloud technology, helping PCMA track attendee flow and making it easy for attendees to track and manage their clock hours. Because of this, PCMA better understands attendee flow during an event. When a session has too many attendees for the room, or a new set up is needed, PCMA makes alternate arrangements on the spot.

In addition, because PCMA manages its sessions better, it contains costs by deploying staffing and resources more efficiently. Previously, attendees filled out forms to confirm which sessions they attended, which PCMA then had to manually enter into a database. Since automating, a significant amount of a full-time employee’s time has been eliminated.

Beyond conferences, PCMA also leverages its registration system to collect information from individual chapters. Previously, PCMA had difficulty tracking which members attended which local events to award credits. Since rolling out the system to its chapters, PCMA can now pull chapter information into its own central system, saving 2-3 hours per event – time previously spent collecting individual data from each of the chapters. It’s now easy to see who has attended which events and to give attendees credit, rather than having to spend time manually tracking down that information.

PCMA also analyzes data from its events to create better educational programs. By studying patterns in session attendance, attendee interests, and survey results, the association is able to better plan future education development.

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What You Can Do With Business Intelligence

  • Create new conferences and events based on future business needs
  • Personalize road shows based on customer demand by region
  • Identify synergies between meetings and travel patterns
  • Recommend conference sessions based on the job duties or needs of specific attendees
  • Improve and tailor marketing plans
  • Identify the customers who matter the most at specific events
  • Identify “invested” attendees to whom more education can be offered throughout the year

Success with Business Intelligence comes when you convert the intelligence you uncover into actionable strategies that create operational efficiencies, cost-savings, and reduced risk for your organization.

Want more? Attend a free PCMA webinar on December 10: Leveraging Business Intelligence for Smarter Events: A PCMA Case Study


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