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December 01 2014

5 Distractions That Are Destroying Your Productivity

By Carolyn Clark

From the minute you arrive at your office to the moment you flip off the light switch and head home, you’re always ready to tackle pressing issues, brainstorm new ideas and handle your responsibilities. There’s just one problem that can get in the way. Well, lots of problems, actually. The office can be a very distracting place.

From online chats with coworkers down the hall to frustrating conversations with your manager and more, employees have to overcome plenty of daily challenges. Utah-based work management firm AtTask recently surveyed workers around the US to gauge the current state of the office environment. The results? Somewhat troubling. Employees indicated that only 45 percent of their work hours actually go their primary job duties.

So where are the rest of those hours going? Here’s a look at five reasons employees are unproductive.

1) Wasteful meetings.

Meetings may sound like a good investment of time, but let’s face it: many of them don’t accomplish anything. Fifty-nine percent of employees point to wasteful meetings for getting in the way of their work. While you might feel a sting of guilt for declining some meeting requests, be selfish with your time. If the meeting doesn’t require your presence, your organization may be better off with you focusing on more immediate tasks.

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2) Excessive emails.

If your inbox can feel like a volcano with scorching lava of bold messages rolling from the top, you’re not alone. Forty-three percent of employees cite excessive emails as one of the big distractions in the workplace. Want to save some time with all your replies? Check out these helpful tips on better email management from Inc.

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3) Lack of standard processes for workflow.

Am I supposed to handle this request? Or is that Judy’s duty? Wait, maybe it’s under Scott’s job description? Thirty-six percent of employees wish their organizations would adopt better procedures for dealing with work. If you think your company could benefit from implementing some guidelines on workflow, don’t be afraid to speak up. Everyone in the office just might thank you.

4) Excessive oversight.

Do you have a manager who wants you to CC him or her on every email you send and receive? “Just to keep me in the loop,” the manager might say. Well, that loop can get very annoying and cluttered. Thirty-five percent of employees are not fans of excessive oversight. If you feel you’re being micromanaged, perhaps it’s time to find a more compatible boss.

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5) Lack of collaboration with your team.

Of course, you can’t blame everything on your boss. The dynamic among all of your team members plays an equally important role in performance. Unfortunately, that dynamic is failing for 32 percent of employees. If you feel like you and your colleagues fall into that category, click here to learn how to build a stronger team.

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