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November 13 2014

These Templates Will Make Your Résumé Pretty

By Crystal Carrazco
Why settle for the standard Microsoft Word résumé template and have your résumé look boring and just like the rest?

Check out these free (or extremely cheap) résumé templates:

"Résumé 3" from Primer Magazine

Adding a little bit of color can make your résumé pop.
Download their résumé template for free here.

"Résumé 4" from Primer Magazine

Yet again, Primer Magazine has great résumé on their site. Make your name stand out with the typewriter bold font. Download

"Patsy Smith" Résumé

This resume has a lot of color without looking annoying and overly bright. You can even edit the colors in the template! Download

Top Level Résumé

If Jack Hloomsome sent this résumé over to us, he'd probably get his résumé a double look. Download

Résumés on Fiverr

If all else fails you can have someone make your résumé for $5 (or $15 if you want the word document for it as well). Perks? Free revisions on your résumé and you don't have to deal with trying to figure out which font needs to be what font style. Get a resume here.

Know of some other cool templates? Let us know in the comments below.

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