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November 13 2014

Does Your Organization Have Trust Issues?

By David McMillin

Do you feel comfortable sharing your honest opinion with your boss? If the answer is no, you’re not alone. A new survey conducted by Massachusetts-based workplace improvement firm Interaction Associates reveals that more than half of employees give their organizations sub-par grades for trust and effective leadership. Even worse, 25 percent of respondents actually trust their bosses less than they did last year.

“Our research consistently points to how trust is critical for driving business results — and yet we see such a high rate of mistrust among the working population this year,” Linda Stewart, CEO, Interaction Associates, said in a statement. “The results are alarming especially in light of the importance people place on trusting in their leadership.”

Unfortunately, an office environment can foster plenty of concerns within employees. From feeling out of the loop about changes within the organization to developing cliques among departments to creating a disconnect between senior management and the rest of the staff, many scenarios put trust to the test.

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How To Turn Your Office Into A Trusting Place

So how can your organization ensure its culture is creating strong connections among everyone in the office? Here are a few highlights of what survey respondents in the research want from their leaders.

1)    The ability to offer an opinion - Employees want leaders to ask for input into decisions that will personally affect them.

2)    The full picture - Employees want background information and context to help understand the rationale behind organizational decision-making.

3)    Access to education - Employees crave learning opportunities and resources that will set them up for success.

4)    A willingness to shoulder the blame - While leaders may want to look perfect, employees appreciate it when they admit mistakes.

5)    The opportunity to critique without consequences - Employees want to be able to raise issues without fear of punishment.

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What Trust Is Really Worth In The Workplace

The ability to trust colleagues and leaders does more than make employees feel good. It also moves the entire team toward greater success. Eighty percent of employees indicate that a high level of trust is a key ingredient for innovation and investment in new projects.

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