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November 12 2014

NYPCMA Kicks Off Holiday Food Drive

Samantha Bowerman
It’s the season to give and we invite you to join NYPCMA as we run our first-ever online food drive   This is not your typical fundraiser. Our goal is to raise enough money to provide 2500 pounds of FRESH food to those in need through City Harvest.  Unlike your typical food drive where people clean out their cabinets and donate the leftovers, this campaign provides New York’s under-fed with the fruits, veggies and meat that they need to be healthy. No more lugging around canned goods to a drop off point. With our food drive, every donation of $2 equals about one pound of nutritious food to fill the bellies of hungry people.  Help us deliver 2500 pounds of food to City Harvest by the time the ball drops in Times Square on December 31st!

Here is how it works.

3. Form your own team (as part of our campaign). Bragging rights goes to the team that raises the most food.  We encourage our corporate members to get your colleagues involved.  If you want to form your own team, contact Jessica Levin (jlevin@sevendegreescommunications.com with your team name and it will be added to the campaign.
3. Spread the word through social media.  We encourage you to use #PCMANYFoodDrive in your posts.

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