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Professional Convention Management Association

November 06 2014

Student Social Media Campaign to Link Students to Information, Professionals

Jill Formeister, Chair, GMC Communications Committee

Providing the Greater Midwest Chapter student members with resources tailored to their needs and opportunities to connect with professionals are goals of the Student Membership Committee’s new initiative. The Student Social Media Campaign includes Facebook and LinkedIn pages which will feature current industry information, internship and job opportunities, networking, PCMA events, and more.

The committee enlisted the assistance of two student members from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Mich., Amanda Halasz and Brooke DePauw. The students were tasked with researching “what exactly students want to see on a social media page,” Amanda explained. “Students will be able to find information that is relevant to them. They will see articles about trends, up-to-date industry information, internship and job opportunities and so much more. It will be a go-to place for students for information pertaining to them.”

Brooke further described the campaign: “The Student Social Media Campaign includes Facebook and LinkedIn pages geared toward Student Members of the Greater Midwest Chapter, PCMA. These pages are a tool to connect students closer to the professionals and PCMA as a whole.”

The Facebook page is created and content is being developed. The page will launch soon. The LinkedIn group is accepting members and posts now. Students and professionals can join the group here.

Amanda pointed out that these new social media pages “could be a tool for professional members as well. If they find an article that they think students should read, they could post it on the page. They also could use it to post internships and jobs at their company/organization. Students are interested in PCMA and are excited for the opportunities that PCMA provides. The Student Social Media Campaign is another tool for students to use and feel connected to not only PCMA, but to industry professionals.”

Brooke added, “The Chapter should be aware of how thrilled students are to be part of PCMA, but do not always know how to get involved and connect with professionals. We feel that by creating these pages, we are helping to eliminate that barrier for students so they can get as much as they possibly can from being a PCMA member.”