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October 31 2014

4 Ways To Be Happier At Work

By David McMillin

When the alarm clock sounds in the early morning, how excited are you to head to work? If the office is starting to wear on your overall well-being, you’re not alone. Studies show that there are currently far more actively disengaged workers than there are engaged employees who truly enjoy their jobs.

So what’s the trick for those employees who actually look forward to their days at work? Chances are, they all haven’t found their dream jobs. However, many of them have found ways to feel challenged and inspired in their current roles. If you’re looking to make your job feel less like a chore, here are four simple tips to be happier at work.

1) Get some greenery.

Do the walls of your office or cube look barren? While adding pictures of family and friends can help dress up the environment, there is one more ingredient that can make the atmosphere even better: plants. A recent study conducted by academic professionals in Australia, the UK and the Netherlands revealed that employees were 15 percent more productive when their offices were filled with a few household plants.

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2) Don’t let your desk become your lunchroom.

You have a 4 pm deadline. You’re worried that you won’t finish, so you decide to have lunch delivered to your desk. While most employees have faced this situation, eating alone behind the misery of a computer screen is an easy route to exhaustion. A study at the University of Sussex in the UK found that workers who eat at their desks are likely to feel more miserable. Not surprisingly, eating lunch on a beach can boost your mood. Don’t work near the water? A park bench in a green space is the best alternative.

3) Turn your colleagues into your friends.

Before you head out the door for lunch, invite a colleague along for the meal. Gallup’s “State of the American Workplace” poll found that close work friendships increase employee satisfaction by 50 percent. If you can manage to find a best friend in the office, you’ll be in an even better situation: people with a best friend at work are seven times more likely to engage fully in their work.

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4) Take care of your body.

While you can take plenty of steps to make what happens inside the office feel better, what happens outside of your work hours is equally important. The most recent Employee Happiness Index from Keas, a company that specializes in health and engagement programs, revealed that 86 percent of employees believe exercise increases happiness. If you haven’t adopted a regular workout routine, take an inventory of the hours in each day. Figuring out a way to break a sweat can help you avoid wanting to break up with your job.

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