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October 13 2014

Websites For Your Next Job Hunt

By Crystal Carrazco

While we all have that one job searching website that we always go to when we’re on the hunt for a job, try branching out and check out one of the following websites:


Idealist was great while job searching. Especially if you’re looking to get into the non-profit or health world. Besides job opportunities, there’s volunteer opportunities as well. A great way to get some extra experience to spice up your résumé and do something positive with your free time.

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Indeed has everything and anything on their site. They gather jobs from other job searching websites and compile it in their website. It’s a Google for job searching. They also save job searches and let you know if new jobs have been added since your last search. You don’t need an account to have the searches saved either, which is great because we need less account spam sent to our emails.

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LinkedIn is the social network for professionals right? Shouldn’t you be able to find a new job through there? The “jobs” tab on LinkedIn has several job opportunities and it tells you how many people have applied to the job as well. If you want, you can cough up the money for premium and place your résumé/LinkedIn profile at the top of the list. This might be handy if you’re applying for that job everyone and their mother is applying to. Besides the jobs tab, there are several industry specific job groups on LinkedIn that offer websites to job opportunities and handy articles on career tips.

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Hoping your next job opportunity isn’t ruled by office politics? Worry no more, while there are some job postings on this site, Glassdoor also offers reviews on companies and job positions. These reviews vary from work environment, management and salary. It’s a Yelp! for jobs and companies. You can also put your own two cents and write a review as well.

PCMA's Career Center

Last but not least... PCMA's Career Center has new jobs almost daily. From entry level to executive and East Coast to West Coast. You can set up personalized job alerts sent to your email as well, which helps from the usual browsing of 10 pages worth of jobs for you to find a job that might fit your career field.

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