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October 13 2014

3 Things You Shouldn’t Forget On Your Résumé

By David McMillin

You’ve edited your résumé. You’ve triple checked for typos. You’ve passed it on to trusted colleagues to collect their feedback. However, with all the work you’ve done to make sure your list of accomplishments and job experiences, are you forgetting to include valuable information that can help make you stand out from the stack of papers sitting on a hiring manager’s desk?

A résumé is more than a document. It’s a chance to tell your whole story. It’s an opportunity give an employer a real reason to want to meet you in person. As you fine-tune that PDF to send out to the next potential dream job, here are three things you shouldn’t forget to include.

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1)    Volunteer service.

Sure, what you do during the workday is an essential piece of the job application, but every other candidate will focus on their daily responsibilities, too. Distinguish yourself as more than a work addict and list any recent community service projects. Outside of goodwill efforts, be sure to include any volunteering you’ve done to help the future of meetings and events. From serving on a local chapter association committee to dedicating your time to mentoring hospitality students, there is no shortage of opportunities to give back to the meetings industry.

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2)    Social media accounts.

Let’s face it: your potential employer is probably going to search for you on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter anyway. Save them the extra work, and include your social media handles in your contact information. If your social media posts showcase your industry expertise and professional demeanor, this will be another way to highlight how actively engaged you are in discussions about what’s next for face-to-face.

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3)    Awards and special accomplishments.

Yes, it’s okay to brag. Whether you won recognition within your company or you were honored by a professional association, your awards section can help an employer understand just how competitive you are to be among the best in the industry. Think back over the past five years — what prestigious honors have you earned that might make a potential employer do a double take at your name?

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