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September 25 2014

5 Sites That Make Traveling A Lot Easier

By David McMillin

Travel Sites

Is traveling becoming synonymous with stress-inducing? As you gear up for your next journey, here are five online destinations built to make your life easier.

1) TripWatcher 

Tired of constantly comparing prices for your upcoming flight? Airfare costs are always changing. While you may $450 for a trip to Las Vegas today, the same flight might cost $100 less tomorrow. Rather than play the I’ll-check-everyday-until-the-price-pleases-me game, you can simply sign up at TripWatcher to receive notifications as soon as fares on certain routes decrease.

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2) Traxo 

Can’t remember what time your flight leaves? What about when your teammates arrive? How many loyalty points have you earned with certain hotel brands? With Traxo, you can stop combing through emails to track down your travel details, forgetting to use rewards points before they expire or stumbling over itinerary details. Signing up for an account is free. Even better news: the more miles you travel, the more perks you can earn from the site.

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3) Stop Jet Lag 

Starting to travel further away from home your site visits? As more meeting professionals consider international host cities for upcoming conferences, the potential for a language barrier is a tiny hurdle in comparison with the inability to adjust your internal clock. Rather than hoping that you can power through with a massive amount of coffee, Stop Jet Lag analyzes your trip and delivers personalized recommendations for anti-jet lag activities to help you feel better and accomplish more.

4) Hotel WiFi Test

If you’re hoping to be productive when you arrive at your hotel, chances are you’re also hoping for a speedy Internet connection. Unfortunately, not all hotel wi-fi is created equal. In some cases, “free” access actually translates to a connection that is constantly disrupted. Do the research and compare your prospective properties’ connection speeds with Hotel WiFi Test. Users visit the site during their stays, and the URL ranks properties around the world based on expected speeds.

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5) Room 77

Your hotel stay is about more than how fast you can download emails and stream movies, though. As you look for a place to stay, don’t just find the right property — find the right room. With Room 77, you can actually compare views from rooms in certain hotels and read “Insider Tips” that offer advice on which parts of the building include quiet rooms.

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