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September 18 2014

More International Meeting Professionals Going Digital

By David McMillin

As a lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic, Alvena Koh-Sam wanted to help arrange an online job portal for her students in event management. However, she wasn’t sure where to start. That’s when Koh-Sam stumbled upon Virtual Edge Institute’s Digital Event Strategist program.

“I knew I needed help,” Koh-Sam says. “I found DES in an online search. The schedule flexibility is perfect for international students, as we’re all spread across different time zones.”

Koh-Sam is one of the leaders of a generation of international meeting professionals who recognize the opportunities in digital and hybrid events. The number of global DES-certified professionals continues to grow with graduates from the US, Canada, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Israel and Singapore. The program’s first French candidate is taking her exam this fall, too.

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Where Virtual Stands In Singapore

In Singapore, Koh-Sam says the country is currently in the early stages of adopting hybrid and digital meeting solutions.

“The industry hasn’t bought in to digital yet,” Koh-Sam says. “Many simply aren’t aware of how important hybrid and digital meetings will be in the very near future.”

However, Koh-Sam is optimistic about what’s next. With so many corporate headquarters located in Singapore, she says that the environment is perfect for digital corporate training and educations.

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Looking Ahead

With the DES certification on her resumé, Koh-Sam is excited to be on the cusp of innovation.

“When Singapore has more DES graduates, we’ll be able to collaborate together locally and help pioneer digital events for the country,” Koh-Sam says.

As more students enroll in the DES program, Koh-Sam wants to give back as a mentor.

“I want to be connected to other DES grads,” Koh-Sam says. “The program is well worth every cent. The modules were clear and well-paced to cover all my needs.”

Fueling A Global Future

Are you interested in applying for the DES International Scholarship? Click here to learn about the requirements and submit your application to be the next international graduate from the program.

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