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September 11 2014

7 Questions With John Folks

By David McMillin

The 7 Questions With… series provides an opportunity to get to know PCMA members outside of a conversation strictly geared toward meetings and conferences. In our latest installment, we catch up with John Folks, President of Chicago-based strategic agency Minding Your Business.

1) Whats the last book you read? The Goldfinch by Donna Tart – what an amazing writer and storyteller.

2) Which songs are currently getting the most rotation while youre at the office? I stream WXRT, so whatever they’re spinning, I’m listening to.

3) What would the title of a TV reality show about your life be?  “Lucky Guy”

4) What most excites you about the next five years (personally and/or professionally)?  Professionally — Providing strategic guidance to organizations going through change – their meetings, membership models, revenue streams, future planning and the way they engage with their members.   

Personally — taking a bit more time off to enjoy our farmhouse in Michigan!

5) In a past life, you were I must have been a hunting dog – I’m loyal and I’m insatiably curious.

6) If you didnt work in the meetings industry, what would you be doing? Probably an architect – I like to design and build things.

7) What is your motto? Carpe Diem (which is more of a goal than a motto).

Check out John’s tips on improving the future of associations here. Click here to connect with him via LinkedIn.

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