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September 08 2014

4 Bad Work Habits You Need To Break Now

By David McMillin


We’re all searching for ways to accomplish more while spending less time at the office. While it may seem like you have a mountain of work ahead of you, the climb will feel much easier if you can avoid falling into troublesome routines at your desk. Here are four bad work habits you should break this week.

1) Endlessly checking your email.

According to a report from the McKinsey Global Institute, the average employee spends 13 hours each work week reading, deleting and sending emails. Refreshing your email and sending messages to prospective business partners might seem productive, but you’re better off devoting some of your time to creative brainstorming work. Set a goal to spend less time staring at your inbox and more time devising new solutions that will move your organization — and your career — forward.

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2) Immediately responding to everything.

If you’re like 74 percent of the respondents in a recent survey from Toister Performance Solutions, you expect your co-workers to respond to emails within four hours. Today’s rapid-response business environment has fueled a mindset that every request is of the utmost importance. In reality, there are plenty of messages that don’t require your immediate attention. Rather than constantly trying to set the world record for Fastest Email Response, embrace a more balanced approach to your responses.

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3) Using social media as a break.

Thinking about logging into Facebook to give yourself a few minutes away from that pile of work on your desk? Think about doing anything else. Scrolling through your news feed to see what your friends are doing is not going to recharge your energy. You already spend countless hours behind your screen. Give your eyes a break, your legs some exercise and your mind a 15-minute vacation with a walk outside the office.

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4) Accepting every meeting request.

Short face-to-face meetings with your colleagues can be the fuel for innovation in your organization. Unfortunately, they can also be agenda-less appointments on your calendar where everyone spends an hour wondering why they aren’t doing something else. If you’re tired of meetings, you’re not alone. It turns out that quite a few business professionals think meetings can kill productivity. Rather than clicking “Accept” on every meeting request, take a look at the agenda, the attendees and the objectives and ask yourself an important question: do you really need to be there?

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