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August 28 2014

3 Tips To Improve Your Meeting Email Marketing Communications

By Corey Domek

As meeting marketers search for the right route to reach prospective attendees, email is the channel that many of them consistently count on to build buzz about upcoming registration deadlines. However, results can be mixed. Attendees are dealing with loads of additional promotional emails. What’s the trick to making sure yours stands out?

Email marketing company BlueHornet recently released the findings from its annual Consumer Views of Email Marketing report. With more than 1,000 respondents, the study reveals some useful information about how people interact with their inboxes. As you prepare for your next campaign, here are three helpful tips from the research to consider.

1) Turn your email tune to the correct frequency.

Plenty of meeting marketers have found themselves in this position: you want to send fewer emails, but others in your organization are asking to send more messages. So what’s the right answer?

“There are some organizations that have a very loyal audience that will respond to very frequent messaging, but others don’t,” Kara Trivunovic, Vice President of Strategic Services, BlueHornet, says. “You have to test how often is too often.”

However, you won’t find a magic rule. Trivunovic recommends thinking about how recipients are interacting with the organization outside of their inboxes at any given time. Have you recently sent a direct mail campaign?

“Determining frequency shouldn’t be about a blanket statement,” Trivunovic adds. “It should be situational. Take into consideration other engagements the recipient is having with your organization at any given time.”

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2) The early bird gets the worm — and the open rates.

Trying to time your message to land in inboxes as soon as prospective attendees arrive at their work desks? Well, you may already be too late. The research shows that more than 80 percent of people check their email before they start work. By the time your audience is ready to begin working, they may be sorting through a mountain of emails about pressing tasks. Consider sending your next campaign a bit earlier to determine how the timing impacts your open rates.

3) Mobile is a must.

Have you opened your organization’s emails on your smartphone or tablet? If the experience is poor, you’re probably frustrating plenty of recipients. The BlueHornet survey shows that 87 percent of people will either delete or unsubscribe altogether from an email list if mobile email messages don’t display properly.

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