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August 15 2014

PCMA SE Member Spotlight

Chris Colbert

Our PCMA Spotlight is with Susan Henderson, CMP a 30+ year hospitality industry professional with almost 25 years as a PCMA member. Susan is a Global Account Executive with ConferenceDirect and lives in Orlando, Florida.

Q & A with Susan:

Leisure time-- when you have it-is a precious commodity; what is your “dream” idea of a perfect leisure day?

A perfect leisure day is to go sailing on Tampa Bay with friends, enjoying cocktails on the boat and dinner in St. Pete.


If you could sing one song on American Idol, what would it be? 

I Will Survive – because you never know what is coming next in life!


How do you research potential meeting venues and what is a major influencer in making your final decision?

I use ConferenceDirect’s internet tools and proprietary intelligence; websites; LinkedIn Groups; Trip Advisor; PCMA Catalyst and recommendations from other planners who have used a specific property or destination. Ultimately, any reliable information I can get!!  For a large group, the site inspection is the major influencer!  The service I receive from a sales manager can also have a major impact on my decision. If the follow-up is courteous and professional--- it has been my experience that my client will be treated that way, as well.


If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you and why? 

Diane Keaton – she’s a strong independent woman who has always gone her own way.


What is your advice on staying relevant in the hospitality/meetings industry?

Take advantage of industry meetings both in person and via forums and webinars.  Always be networking and help make others look good – they won’t forget you.


What is your ultimate vacation destination? 

Australia & New Zealand


How can professionals in our industry contact you to learn more about your services at ConferenceDirect?