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August 15 2014

Best Foodie Getaways Around the World-Louisville

Peggy Riley, KCTP, CDME, CASE

Louisville was named one of the “Best Foodie Getaways around the World” by Zagat for a reason. A rich culinary heritage, the birthplace of America’s only native spirit, growing recognition by national magazines …Louisville is a food town.

In Louisville, culinary twists on tradition are the norm and famously hearty Southern cuisine is alive with fresh local produce. Surrounded by agricultural and rural farmland, Louisville is in the heart of the American garden, with abundant access to great meats, fruits, grains, vegetables and cheeses; and the restaurants take advantage of it. Farm to table dining isn’t just a movement in Louisville, it is a way of life for many of the restaurateurs.

NuLu, a food and shopping district on East Main Street, features some of the finest farm to table faire in the city at Decca, Garage Bar, Rye, and Harvest-who boasts that more than 80% of everything on their menus comes from within 50 miles of the store. Across the street, Chef Ucan at Mayan Café grows his own produce and bases his menu off of what he pulls from the warm soil in his garden.

Waves of immigrants have also brought flavors to Louisville from around the world. Restaurant rows boast tastes from the Mediterranean to Korea, to South America, Europe, and Africa. There are restaurants representing almost every continent on Earth and endless languages and accents can be heard amongst the walls of each establishment.

There is more to a meal in Louisville than just feeding a hunger. Southern roots make meals an experience of flavors, smells, and sounds associated with a meal, like the laughing of a friend or the smell of Grandma’s kitchen. Louisville loves food, in fact, Louisville lives food.