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August 13 2014

PCMA SE Social Media

Jordan Lawson

Calling all Event Professionals! The Communications Committee needs your help. We are actively seeking more followers, traffic and content for all of our social media channels. Below is a list of links to all of our active social media accounts. On each of our social media channels we are currently using the #PCMASE hashtag to keep us all connected. What does this mean? In short, including #PCMASE on any industry related post or comment you make, on whatever social media site you’re currently using, will link your post back to a thread with other PCMA Southeast Chapter content. This is an easy way for us to stay connected and networked with one another and our chapter as a whole. By clicking on or searching for #PCMASE while online, you’ll be able to find other users with similar interests and bolster and enrich your own social media experience.

Give it a try! Post things to us and follow our accounts and make sure to use our hashtag so that we can follow your experiences! We’d love to connect with you online!

PCMA Southeast Chapter Facebook Page - Facebook

PCMA Southeast Chapter Twitter Page - Twitter

PCMA Southeast Chapter LinkedIn Page - LinkedIn

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