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August 08 2014

4 Statistics You Should Know About Your Millennial Attendees

By Corey Domek

Millennials are the future of the meetings industry. However, as you work to establish relationships with this emerging generation of attendees, there are plenty of potential stumbling blocks. Many of them may be more tech-savvy than your IT department. Some of them may assume they can get all the education they need via virtual learning channels. Others are bombarded with so much digital information that they’re very likely to miss any of the messages promoting your upcoming conference.

I recently discovered some compelling research findings from customer experience management firm, SDL. The firm surveyed more than 1,800 respondents ages 18 - 36 around the world to provide a more complete picture of what matters to Millennials. Here’s a look at some of the most important takeaways.

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Millennials check their smartphones 43 times per day.

Think you’re going to get these attendees to disconnect while they’re on-site? Think again. While it’s no secret that attendees of all ages are growing increasingly addicted to their mobile devices, this statistic spotlights just how important it is for Millennials to stay connected. This piece of data delivers plenty of potential for meeting professionals, though. If attendees are constantly looking down at their devices, give them something to see with push notifications on a meeting mobile app, updates on Twitter and Facebook and interactive polls during educational sessions.

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60 percent of US Millennials will give personal information to a trusted brand.

Plenty of people are sensitive to privacy — with good reason. From face recognition scans to third-party cookie tracking, data collection is getting a bit creepy. However, Millennials have grown up in an environment driven by all that data, and many of them have no problem sharing their locations, their birthdays and a wide range of other information under one condition: they trust the company. If you are using technology to track your attendees’ movements, be sure to let them know in advance and inform them of how you’re using the data. If you’re sharing it with other organizations, Millennials may look at you with very suspicious eyes.

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Facebook is still the #1 place they discover new content.

There are plenty of questions surrounding Facebook’s ability to maintain a position as the leading social network. While plenty of Millennials may complain about the service, the SDL study shows that they’re still logging on and scrolling news feeds. Forty-nine percent of respondents listed Mark Zuckerberg’s tech giant as the number one place where they find new and interesting content, beating out Twitter, YouTube, Buzzfeed and basically every other site on the Internet. As meeting professionals outline meeting marketing strategies, it’s clear that Facebook needs to play a major role in the activities.

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60 percent want to hear about something other than your meeting.

Sure, you want to hammer home how many education sessions you’re offering or how much they can save with an early registration discount, but Millennials grow tired of all that promotional messaging very easily. Rather than constantly sending emails and posting updates about an upcoming meeting, find another reason to reach out to them. They’ll appreciate it. The research found that 60 percent of Millennials like receiving a touchpoint message unrelated to selling a product such as a holiday message or a birthday wish.

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