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July 21 2014

7 Questions With David Peckinpaugh

By David McMillin

The 7 Questions With… series provides an opportunity to get to know PCMA members outside of a conversation strictly geared toward meetings and conferences. In our latest installment, we catch up with David Peckinpaugh, President of Maritz Travel Company and Experient.

1) Whats the last book you read? Before Happiness by Shawn Akor.

2) Which songs are currently getting the most rotation while youre at the office? Nothing at the office but have discovered a great blues musician by the name of Jarekus Singleton. Up and comer!

3) What would the title of a TV reality show about your life be?  "The Connector"

4) What most excites you about the next five years (personally and/or professionally)?  

Personally - the growth of my children into adulthood with college and high school coming right around the corner.

Professionally - the global expansion of our business with the foundation of experiential excellence at the core.

5) In a past life, you were not born yet.

6) If you didnt work in the meetings industry, what would you be doing? I'd probably be an unhappy lawyer wishing he was in the meetings industry.

7) What is your motto?  Insanity is doing the same things over and over yet expecting different results.

Learn more about Peckinpaugh’s professional accomplishments here.

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